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Course Design

The Waterford Valley Golf Course was designed by the owner, Gary Thompson, and
Phil Ryan, of Pacific Coast Design. The 160 ha of land which was unmaintained for 50 years had largely been under water was snake and mosquito infested, 80% of the area was covered with blackberries and weeds.

It was floodway off the Dandenong Ranges fed by two creeks, one being Ferny Creek north of the site and the second being Monbulk Creek south of the site. Two major stormwater drains east of the site fed the large area south of Karoo Road independently.

Six freehold titles were created amongst a series of wetlands designed to improve the quality of the stormwater, which attracted an abundance of wildlife. The creek restoration works have encouraged the family of platypus deep into the site.

In order to convert the floodplain to a golf course, the direction of floodwater needed to be understood and directed in a particular fashion that would do no harm to the surrounding houses nor would it have any impact on the six newly created domestic titles.

In addition, the golf greens and tees had to be protected. If a flood was to wash through the site, undulations in the design of the golf course had to allow for the water to flow in particular directions that would protect the surrounding houses and residential lots as well as the tees and greens. This was modeled on a three-dimensional computer software program that takes 48 hours to run to provide an outcome once the data has been entered.

This was checked each time by Melbourne Water and their Hydrology Department. This model was run seven times before sign off was given.

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