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Signature Holes

There are several beautiful and challenging aspects to our golf course; but here are four holes you will be sure to remember.

| Par 5, 520 m
Requires a long straight drive to carry the creek, then an accurate three wood to land between the creek and the lake -- which would then allow a 9 iron to the large but tricky green.

| Par 3, 217 m
Either a three wood from the back tee across the corner of the lake to the large undulating green, or a long iron aimed left to avoid the water, which would then require a wedge for safety.

| Par 4, 420 m
A deliberate fade or draw is required to negotiate the lonely but strategically located single tree in the middle of the fairway, then a strong iron is required aimed at the large elevated sloping green and to avoid the rocky swale protecting the front of the green.

| Par 4, 430 m
In order to avoid the strategic bunker to the left ,a strong straight drive is to be aimed to the right of the tightening fairway, a choice then needs to be made between a 3 wood destined for the green, or a lay up iron to ensure avoiding the swale, also the menacingly placed bunkers, and the surrounding lake, not to mention bouncing off the two access bridges. This island green is to be approached with precision and caution or another shot is required.